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Staad.Pro allows structural engineers to analyze and design virtually any type of structure through its flexible modeling environment, advanced features, and fluent data collaboration..


Course Summary

  • About Course

    STAAD.Pro stands for Structural Analysis and Design Program originally developed by Research Engineers International, which was later bought by Bentley. STAAD.Pro training is widely recommended in Structural Analysis and Design Software which simplifies the BIM workflow by automatically converting a physical model into an analytical model. CADDWAY is one of India's top brands in CAD/CAM training centers. STAAD.Pro Online Course Training is structured in such a way that it provides the essential knowledge required for the structural analysis and design of a building.

    STAAD.Pro is the most powerful software that can design almost any kind of civil engineering structure such as steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel designs. The newly released or complete package of analysis from Bentley is STAAD.Pro V8i. CADDWAY highly recommends quality training for its students and encourages them to do Internships and provide assistance on various projects during the training course. Every STAAD.Pro coaching classes/training are provided on the latest version of STAAD.Pro.

    Additionally, CADDWAY students get lifetime free access to recorded video tutorials and login access to their student dashboard. If students want to go for the offline practice session, then they can visit any of our franchise centers in India, even after the course completion.CADDWAY certificate STAAD.Pro provides a great way for students to get recognition in the industry and helps them grab the best job opportunities.

    Topics include

    • Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
    • Introduction to STAAD Pro.
    • STAAD Pro. Workspace
    • STAAD Pro. Interface
      1. Coordinate Systems
      2. Global Coordinate System
      3. Local Coordinate System
      • Units
        1. Input Unit
        2. Graphical Display Unit
    • Dimensions
    • Labels
      1. Node Labels
      2. Beam Labels
      3. Support Labels
    • Tools
      1. Rotation Tools
      2. Zoom Tools
      3. View Tools
    • Geometry Creation Methods
      1. Snap & Grid Method
      2. Copy Cut Method
      3. Run Structure Wizards
      4. Co-ordinate Method
    • DXF Method/ Importing CAD Models
    • Inserting Nodes
    • Adding Beams
    • Model Editing Tools
    • Section Properties
    • Section Database
    • Section Assignment Method
    • User Table
    • Structure Diagram
    • Cut Sections/ Plane
    • Support Assignment
    • Loading
      1. Nodal Load
      2. Nodal Moment
      3. Member Load
      4. Area Load
    • Special Loads
      • Lift machine Load
      • Floor Load
      • Sunken Load
    • Understanding and Calculating Building Loads
      1. Introduction to Floor Load and Live Load as per IS 875-I & II
      2. Creation of Primary Load
      3. Load Combinations
      4. Analysis and Print Command
      5. Post Processing
    • Understanding STAAD Editor
    • Geometry Verification
    • Member Specifications
    • RCC Design As per IS 456
    • Wind Load Design As per IS 875
    • Seismic design and Analysis As per IS 1893
    • Steel Design As per IS-800
    • FEM Modelling in STAAD Pro
    • Water Tank Design
    • Shear Wall Design
    • Moving (Rolling) Loads
      1. Vehicle Definition
      2. Primary Load Case for Moving Load
      3. Analysis of an RCC deck Slab for Moving Load
      4. Viewing Influence Line Diagram
  • Foundation Design
  1. Isolated Footing Design
  2. Combined Footing Design
MS Project
CNC Programming
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